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Our focus is with players between 9-18 years of age and have a desire to improve their baseball skills.  Brigade Baseball is not intended to take the place of youth, middle school or high school baseball, but ­­our platform will work in conjunction and accelerate their development for these programs.  Our agenda at the older ages is to establish a forum, through tournament play, that showcases players’ talent for a potential college career in the Northeast. We do not travel far distances with our older team becasue the majority of all players from the New England Area remain in the New England Area to play baseball.


Brigade Baseball also showcases their own players with their own showcase, which is free for all members of the junior class that have spent at least two years with Brigade Baseball (anyone can attend for a fee of 200.00). Firecracker Sports does a team scout day annually for the players just from Brigade Baseball. For more information about the Firecracker Sports team scout day visit firecrackersports.com or click below:



Our mission statement:

To accelerate the development of baseball players of all ages and levels by providing an environment that builds skills, confidence and character.

The Brigade platform goes well beyond the baseball field.  This is about providing an environment that fosters building future leaders through a team focus.  Life lessons are applied to every facet of our baseball curriculum.  Our players will walk away with not only a great baseball experience but a set of core values that can be applied to real world experiences.