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Deeper dive into Brigade Baseball 14U – 18U tournament teams


The goal of Brigade Baseball tournament teams is to help prepare ballplayers for the next step in
their baseball careers. Whether that means a high school team or a college team, Brigade
Baseball is focused on our players’ futures. We want to be your knowledgeable and supportive
resource for helping our players to reach their ball-playing goals, while playing on a highly competitive,
selective club team.

At the 14U and 15U level, this is about helping the players prepare for their high school
experience, while beginning consideration of a potential college career.  Brigade Baseball
believes in putting our teams in tournament environments at this early age.  Our belief is that
tournament play achieves two things:

1) It keeps Brigade Baseball players healthy.  Most of the boys at this age are playing middle
school or high school baseball.  One of the leading factors to injuries is overuse and lack of
conditioning.  We believe that continuing their baseball season at the conclusion of their
school season will help keep these young players healthy, conditioned, and keep their skills

2) It gives Brigade Baseball players an advantage.  Most players, once they reach the age of
16, will be on a team where the format is most likely to be tournament baseball.  We
believe that by putting them in this environment at an earlier age, it will give them the
advantage of increased experience in high-level-competition tournament play.

At the age of 16U -18U Brigade Baseball is a true showcase team, which means our job is to
showcase you, the player.  It is our job to make sure we play in the proper tournaments,
provide the proper instruction, help you begin communications properly and strategically with
college coaches, and help you make the necessary connections you will need in order to
continue on to a college career.  We are essentially here to not just help you with the baseball
part, but with your higher-education future as well.

Another goal of our program is to showcase our local players to local colleges.  What this
means is that we want you to come play for us if you are interested in playing college
baseball in the Northeast.  If your goal is to play outside the Northeast, then we are not the
program for you.  We do not believe that we have to travel all over this great country to get
you exposed—we believe that there are many great institutions right here in our backyard
that are very interested in you, the player.  None of our teams will travel outside New England
for tournaments—we are going to stay local. There are many great tournaments here that we
want to be part of, and Brigade Baseball knows there are many families that do not want the
added expense of travel.

I hope after reading this you will see the Brigade Baseball is taking a different approach,
which focuses on building players’ pathways to successful baseball futures. If you are 14U,
15U, 16U and interested in a tryout for our program, the information is located on the home
page of our website, www.brigadebaseball.com , Selection for the 18U team is by invitation only and those invitations will be sent out starting mid-August.